Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sowing Dandelion Seeds

What kid doesn't love blowing on a dried dandelion, watching the pieces fly away? I know I did. Still do. To honor that childlike whimsy we decided to put up a vinyl in our bedroom with some common yard weeds:

We had a large wall space that called for something significant. We chose white in order for it to "pop" and it definitely does. It fits perfectly with the personality of our bedroom, but we had a hard time choosing just the right one. It took me a week to finally order it once we picked it out. I have commitment issues with online purchases. Not a bad thing to have, in my opinion.

We purchased it from an etsy shop. If you're unfamiliar with etsy, give it a shot. If you're one to get sucked into the Internet, proceed with caution.

The vinyl was not too tough to put up, but was a little time consuming--maybe an hour. It's a pretty simple process, and most dealers send excellent directions for applying. It's one of those tedious jobs that is kinda fun to do because you get instant results.

Here are some of the other options we browsed through before settling on our beauty. Key word=some. I could spend my days posting etsy vinyl decals, but that wouldn't be very exciting for either of us.

All of these designs can be purchased at etsy. If you are interested in these specific ones, once you arrive at the site, search "vinyl wall decals flowers."


  1. I Love this!! Great idea and you make me want to try it in my home too!

  2. Love it! Also love the gray wall. Do you happen to know what brand and color it is? Im looking for gray for my living room.

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  4. The color is Menard's Lucite brand "Phoenix Fossil." I thought it was dark at first, but now I'm in love :)

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  6. This is really cool! Is it a vinyl application or is it a vinyl applied stencil that you still have to paint and then take off? I dig it! Hey, thanks for the follow too! Can't wait to see your burlap action! "Everyone is doin' it!"

    also, think about turning off your settings for word verification. You get more comments that way, and blogspot is pretty good at spam weeding anyway. What I find happens, I comment and am so busy clicking around, that if it then prompts me for word verification, sometimes I am already gone. Now, if I am commenting, I deliberately wait for it, because I WANT to be sure that people get the compliment that is coming their way. Let me know if you need help figuring out how =) Toodles!

  7. I'm a follower! thanks for the message on my blog!! And I love yours so clean and airy and bright! Plus I love the vinyl so fresh! You have such a cute little family! Thanks again *summer

  8. Seriously, that is about the cutest wall vinyl I've ever seen, love it! Thanks for the blog visit and follow. I'm your newest follower and look forward to following all your crafty posts!

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