About "The Pear"

I'm Robin, creator and main contributor to "The Sweetest Pear."  I am in love with my little family and like to blog about this on occasion.  I have been known to become distracted while multitasking.  I love all things handmade. Cooking is something I'm learning to love.  I love taking pictures and looking at beautiful pictures.  Now if I could just take beautiful pictures. I have a thing for turquoise.  And polka dots.  I have a billion ideas and the time and energy to execute a few.  The few that I do get around to, I promise I will share with you.  Thanks for joining us!

This is Barb.  We may refer to her as Mama Pear.  Get the wordplay here?  Of course you do, even if it's not that funny.   She is a crafter extraordinaire.  What I lack in sewing and scrapping skills, she makes up for tenfold. Barb is a thrifty one, and has lots of "upcycles" to keep you entertained.  She is a big fan of her grandkids and can put together a meal for ten in a flash...without prior notice.  It's like some sort of magic act. Soon I'll force her to step out of her technology bubble and get to posting on this here blog.