Monday, April 11, 2011

Tech Tip Tues: Noise Edition

I don't need another reason to "get lost" on the Internet, but you give me a reason to, each and every day. That's just an excuse... I'd do it any way. On the upside, you get to benefit from my online excursions. In this edition of "Tech Tips," I'll focus on noise--all kinds of it. I'll point you to some sites that I've scoped out and maybe there will be something you like. I sure hope so.

The first noise we'll explore is music. One of the most pleasant type, in my opinion.

Ever feel like you want to curl up with a soft friend and listen to some tunes? You don't have to snuggle with glow-worm (circa 1985) to do this. All you must do is head over to You can select your mood and it will play music to suit your fancy. Or emotion. Or even possibly desired emotion. I selected sleepy and it's working. I'm going back to try the "jogging" playlist. I'll let you know how it works out.

The next one seemed strange to me at first, but I get it for those of you who work around a lot of people. I think I need this for breakfast time. I struggle with cereal chewing noise. It's called SimplyNoise. You can select white, pink, or brown noise to cancel out the sound of your coworker clipping her nails, or use it to focus while studying.
Maybe you'd rather dream of a spring rain while your cubicle neighbor slurps his coffee. If so, RainyMood might be just the tab to have open. It plays the sound of a gentle rainstorm while you get your work done. Or blog.

My last Internet music obsession is GrooveShark. I have not used it intensely enough to access all the features, but fully intend to do so. You can select a genre you like, then it will play those tunes for you. If you don't like one, click on the sad face. If you do, then you can happy face the tune or add it to a playlist or your favorites.

You're jammin' now, aren't you? At least some white noise? I'm back on sleepy music. The jogging music didn't fit the bill. Have an awesome day and thanks for reading!

Lots of love,


  1. Robin. I adore you. I also adore Stereomood and rainymood. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Robin your blog is awesome:) This blog about the song sites came at just the right moment. I was struggling to find actual songs for teaching a lesson about the chisholm trail and found perfect ones on grooveshark! Gotta love "Home on the Range" and "The Old Chisholm Trail" Thanks! I also found some grammar rock! Conjunction junction.... lol