Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Photo Love

A weekend recap seems awkward at this point in the week, but I am just now getting around to sorting my pictures from Easter weekend. I am obsessive compulsive meticulous about my picture organization, hence the delay. I can't stand all that digital space being cluttered up by bad photos. One must edit and organize.

Here are some photos from our weekend in the Black Hills. We didn't see the hills, mostly just the inside of the in-laws' home. This is fine, because the house is furnished with sweet antiques and decked in turquoise.

We couldn't get enough of this little creature. She was relentless with the bird feeder and kept coming back for more. Seemed to be expecting some kits judging by her size. Is it weird that baby squirrels are called kits? It's also correct to call them pups or kittens. Or you can stick with baby squirrel.

We were due for a little time outside, so we bundled up for a bit.

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