Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hunk Calendar

You know those cheesy, "look at this hunk with his shirt off who fights fires and risks his life on a daily basis" calendars? They may have their place, but not on my fridge...just wouldn't match my decor. This hunk, in his shiny red boots and drooly face, however, matches the decor perfectly. May's calendar boy...this one's a looker.

I wanted to post this mainly to show off the boots we received in the mail from one of our good friends. Aren't they fun? We don't have any details about how to purchase them, but they sure are cute!


  1. Adorable! If you ever find out where the boots came from, please please let me know! My little guy could use a pair :o)

    This is the link to find a pair like ours :)