Monday, May 2, 2011

Get Your Pin On

Have you heard of Pinterest? Surely you're already "pinning." We here at The Sweetest Pear sure are. And you can follow us if you like.

What is Pinterest? It's a "virtual pinboard" where you can keep images and descriptions of things you love. You can pin projects, pictures, quotes, whatever. It keeps track of your inspirations from the www all in one organized place. It's brilliant. It's also addicting. I'm a tad obsessed.

Surely you've also seen these "Keep calm" posters popping up all over the place. We see them everywhere. I think they're kinda cute. My husband has a differing opinion, but I couldn't resist this collection. Guess where I found these lovelies? Pinterest.

There are many more, but those are the ones that fit my lifestyle. While I have your attention, I have some good news. We have been featured on a few fabulous blogs and are ecstatic about this, so check out our "We've Been Featured" page to see the blogs we love Linkand link to.

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  1. I have given you The Versatile Blogger award. Please visit my blog to check it out!