Friday, May 27, 2011

Couponing...Is that a hobby?

I've been hearing a lot about the extreme couponing television shows, and it seems to be a hot trend right now. I like the idea of saving some extra money, but not at the expense of my family or crafting time. Priorities, you know? Notice how I didn't mention my workouts or cleaning? Those I could skip in order to "coupon." Yes, I used it as a verb.

I do want to point out a couple little tips that don't take long and aren't "extreme" but could work for you.

~If you're planning on hitting up Target, you might as well check for a coupon first. On their site, you can scroll through all available coupons and print only the ones that work for you.
Copy and paste into your browser:

~I've been following The Krazy Coupon Lady online as well. Her name says it all. I will never achieve her level of couponing skills, but it's fun to read what she's been up to, and she provides tons of links to good coupons and places that have sales. It's worth checking out.

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