Thursday, May 26, 2011

Go Green Baby!

We are always working to be more eco-conscious, and our little guy is no exception. We have lots of room to grow in this area, but we've got the diapering thing down.

Here's a low-cost solution to the wipe conundrum: homemade wipe spray and flannel wipes. We already wash our cloth diapers regularly, and these can be thrown in the wash. They work great for sensitive skin. Plus, there's no waste. We used hand-me-down flannel blankets and also some flannel from the fabric stash--both work great. As far as the amount of wash and oil, we're on our second bottle of each in fifteen months.

We spray the solution on to the flannel wipe, and have a small hamper to store dirties in before laundering.

This recipe, along with all necessary ingredients, would make a great gift to a cloth-diapering or frugal mama.

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  1. We use cloth too! I love using cloth wipes...makes everything so much easier to throw it all in the same place. I like to add a little lavender essential oil to my solution.

    The "wipes and dipes" have held up real well from baby #1 to baby #2!!