Thursday, March 24, 2011

Heavy Metal

We have a large wall in our house, which spans the length of the dining and living rooms. At its peak, it reaches near 14 ft. This is my husband's estimate. I said 10. Anyway, it's big. When we moved in, it was painted sage green, as was the kitchen. I am a green kind of a girl, but not the kind of green on my giant wall. So what's a homeowner to do?

Paint, of course. I thought about many colors and taped up numerous paint samples, but I could not get the color of my previous living room (a deep brown I was in love with) out of my head. After much deliberation, the wall is now a dark brown. Sounds like it would be dark and looming on a giant wall, but it's surprisingly not. It's warm without being overwhelming. Reminds me of chocolate....mmmm.

This big ole' brown wall has been begging for some decoration, but nothing I've found has been quite right. I wanted something big and statement-making that didn't cost a ton. On one of our trips to Pier 1, I spotted this big metal beauty. Along with polka dots and recipes, I have a thing for metal. All types, especially hammered metal or painted types. I eyed it that night, took a picture and sent it to Barb, then kept thinking about it for a week or two. Eventually my husband got tired of hearing me talk about the metal flower and we returned to Pier 1 and purchased it.

It's currently hanging in the middle of the beastly wall, about a foot from the ceiling. I would not normally hang something so high, but the height helps to separate the spaces and adds some visual interest up high, making our room look bigger. It cost $80 and is worth every penny. I love that it's dimensional and the pop of red keeps it fun. I can't wait to adorn the rest of the wall with some fun pieces.

I've got my eye on a few other Imports from Pier 1 as well. When they go on sale, of course.

Now for a snapshot of the beautiful baby. If you're not into pictures of babies, you can stop reading here. Are you kidding me? Who doesn't like a picture of an adorable child? You obviously do if you're still reading. I know I do. This is the handiwork of my handsome husband--the good looks run in the family. He's a much better photog than I am but claims he lacks skill. I disagree.

How can you not love that face?

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