Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Track to Enjoy

I stumbled upon this Mindy Gledhill video while "getting lost" on the Internet one weekend. "Getting lost" is the phrase we use at my house when one of us zones out on the computer screen for an exorbitant amount of time. This video proves that sometimes, getting lost can be a good thing.

My musical taste is all over the map. I love all types and styles, and finding a new artist is always a joy for me. I especially enjoy finding the ones that aren't mainstream yet, or maybe never will be. Helps me feel sophisticated....or maybe a little chic. It gives me something to enjoy while I use the computer anyway.

Now that you're relaxed and enjoying the new tune, let me get serious. Not serious, just sentimental. I think my heart-not the organ, the metaphorical heart, grew by three sizes tonight. I was snuggling my little guy (who we'll refer to as Button Boy from here on out) before bedtime. I looked down at him to check the status of the eyes--open, closed, or drowsy. They were drowsy, very drowsy.

So I gulped down the metaphorical lump in my throat to keep from bursting with love, gave him a smile, and he returned the look. The kid was seconds from sleeping, and gave me the sweetest smile ever. Of course this is not a smile I could have captured with a camera. I couldn't--no lighting, full hands, and it was bedtime. I had to tell you about it, not only because you already know a ridiculous amount of information about me, but to catalog this into my memory bank. It was sort of one of those "aha" moments, except without any logical conclusions. Just that I love being a mom. So, in honor of my cheesy, mommy-love, gooey post, enjoy some pictures of the button boy. Because what's a post without pics?

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  1. Love the song! Great way to start my walk! And of course the pixs are adorable!