Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mama Pear

Stamp from Sweet Paperie's etsy shop

Meet Mama Pear, the creative and highly motivated "other half" of the sweetest pear. Some call her Barb. I refer to her as Mom. Unless we're in a store with a number of women, because it's awkward even in your 20's when you say "Mom" and someone else answers. On with the intro.

Barb is the definition of a crafter. She's been creating and sharing her talents for decades, and is always thinking of how she can use her gifts to brighten the lives of others. Her medium of choice is usually paper, but she is quick with a needle, swift with a hot glue gun, and nimble with a sewing machine.

I'd like to say I inherited a smidge of her craftiness, but she is much more focused than I am. She is a "doer," always getting things done. It may be her Scandinavian genes, or just the joy of a finished product. Whatever it is, it's remarkable. She has a card for every occasion, and no holiday passes by without Barb showing she cares with a thoughtful gift (usually homemade).

On top of all this creativity, she is sweet as can be. In fact, the blog title fits her perfectly. Not that she's pear shaped. Or is that a good thing now? I can't keep track. I think skinny is still in. Which means I'm out. Either way, my mom is SWEET. I can prove it. Check out the card she made to celebrate our new blog:

Card is an original "Mama Pear" design, using Cricut's "Preserves" cartridge

We will get a picture of Mama Pear up soon. She is a hard one to capture on film. Until then, you can adore my son, who fell asleep in his high chair. While I ate jelly beans. For dinner. Don't judge....we've had a long day. At least I captured these tender moments.

Poor guy. Had a little run in with some peanut butter. We won't try that again.

Note: PB did not cause him to sleep. No connection. Except that after itching his lil face a bunch and screaming, he was tired.


  1. I love it!! I'm looking forward to seeing all your crafts and everything else that your blog has to offer! Way to go- blog on!