Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paper Addiction and a Redo

Barb, aka Mama Pear, has some confessions of her own to make. They don't involve polka dots or metal, but don't think she's any better than me. Oh no, this one is much more dangerous in the craft aisle. Who are we kidding? She doesn't need an aisle. She'll take a hobby store, thrift store, a bargain bin or something she already has and make it beautiful in no time.

We shall now hear from Barb. From this point blogward, Barb's posts will be in red, which happens to be her favorite color. This way you can better visualize who is blogging at you. Pictures to follow of both of us, so you can have a visual to visualize.

Guilty, that's me. I love scrapbook paper! If it's on sale you'll probably find some in my shopping cart. I have lots of options on hand at all times and can usually find something for my current project.

I also like to find "stuff" that I can alter--fast forward to my new canvases.

I was shopping in the Christmas clearance section at our local Alco store and found Christmas themed canvases for 70% off. I grabbed all of them thinking that I could do something to alter them. To make them, I first painted the sides black with craft paint. I used Mod Podge to glue the paper onto the canvas. In picking out the papers, I tried to go with heavier paper. If you choose thin paper, it's more likely to wrinkle when gluing it on.

Last, I inked the edge. To ink, rub a stamp pad gently along where the paper meets the black paint and voila! Re-purposed canvas art to adorn my wall.
This is a simple alteration, but is lots of fun. You can use canvases of any size, or mix and match like seen here.

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  1. What a great way to display your very common paper addiction! Right up my alley, friend!