Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why the sweetest pear?

Without second thought or much preparation, I decided to pursue my dream of blogging. I've been watching and reading blogs for some time. I was that kid at the pool. You know the one--walking around the pool watching the other kids enjoy themselves, meandering toward the water every now and then, but not joining in. Well, instead of just dipping my toes in, I thought I better cannon ball.

So here is my blog. It's titled "The Sweetest Pear" not only for my love of the fruit, but also as a play on words. The other half of my "pear" will be my reluctant mother, who claims to not have enough techie DNA. No fear, however. She has enough crafty genes for the both of us.

I hope to bring you lots of ideas and tutorials on crafting projects, and will drag you along on my everyday adventures in cooking, decorating my new home, parenting a rough-and-tumble one year old, and learning to share all these through photographs.

I am a teacher by trade, but my love for the creative world cannot be satisfied by a large group of students. I crave a creative outlet and enjoy dabbling in many types of art. Thanks for joining me on my journey!

1 comment:

  1. omg. love it. can't wait to see more and be totally jealous of you creating/decorating a home! Do you think you could do a Middle Eastern special, something like "how to warm a concrete room" or "re purposing black plastic bags" (they are everywhere here, in the trees, on the street, everywhere). Anyway, love it. great work. looking forward to what's to come!
    Love from the ME.