Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Canvas Prints Nursery Tour

Back to the nursery tour. Above our little guy's crib hang three whimsical canvases. Made by our good friend Megan, these square canvases were first painted with acrylic paint in three coordinating colors. We found some clip art we liked on the Internet and used those as inspiration. After buying plenty of coordinating paper, we went to work cutting and layering the shapes on to make our owls and tree. Megan used Mod Podge to adhere the paper, though a few bubbles did show up. I replicated this project shortly after and experienced a few air pockets as well, but nothing that can't be smoothed out. The key to keeping these kind of projects looking interesting is lots of layers and variety of colors/patterns. I love these little guys and they will be hanging around our house for a long time.


  1. grat idea! I have to think how to decorate walls in the nursery, I just had my baby boy three weeks ago :)

  2. These are beautiful, I love all the colors you use. They have a-lot of personality! I also love love love you hall of mirrors,they are so happy.