Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School Bells Ring, Are Ya Listening?

School is starting for us today. Summer has drawn to a close, as has the flexibility of sleeping in, wearing sweats and playing all day. As this teacher heads back to school, I thought I'd give you a few tips about how I stay organized during the school year.

1. On Sunday, choose your outfits for the week, including accessories. Iron all necessary items.
2. During the weekend, prepare and freeze your meals, making enough for leftover lunches.
3. Set a day each week to clean your house--this way you'll have a weekend free of cleaning.
4. Devise a morning schedule to insure you're on time each day.
5. Pretend you are organized and make up four ideas that you'll never actually do. If you know me personally, that last one might have tipped you off.

Here's a real list of how I stay sane:

1. Purchase and wear comfortable, non-wrinkle clothing. Or, if necessary, wear it slightly wrinkled. It's a job, not a fashion show.
2. Plan out a few meals for the week, but buy some quick-to-prepare options as well.
3. Keep the main paths of your house free of clutter, for safety sake. The pile of crap on the counter? It's fine.
4. Style your hair while wet, or go for the conditioned, unwashed look. Rush around the house looking for your kid's left shoe and your phone, darting out the door at the last possible moment.
5. Relax. Enjoy your job and spend quality time with the ones you love at home.

There you have it!

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  1. I love the "real" list - that's very much my house too!