Monday, August 8, 2011

Deck Out Your Nails

I have been dying to try some fun finishes on my toenails, but could not stomach the pedicure cost. Yeah, I'm cheap. We call it "frugal" at our house. I stumbled upon these Salon Effects from Sally Hansen online and had to check them out. I found mine at Target for $8.50. You get 16 strips. I used just four, as the strips are big enough to do a few nails each (* see "frugal" above*). They are a little more work than painting your nails, but a lot more fun. I know my feet are far from glamorous in the pic above. It's part of my charm, really.

Mine have been on for five days, and the package claims they last up to 10. If so, I might try:


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  1. I just saw an add for this in Lucky Magazine today...I really want to try them out now, your toes are too cute!!