Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You can call me Senora

In an effort to become more amazing in the kitchen and save a little cash, I decided to stop purchasing tortillas at the store and start making my own.  As an added bonus, my homemade tortillas contain less preservatives and taste way better than any that I've purchased.

I found a recipe to put together a jar of tortilla mix here.  I followed the directions and stored the mix in an old pickle jar.  When ready to use the tortillas, I mixed, let rise, rolled, and slapped those babies on the griddle (my skillet, actually, I'm not that awesome).  I won't repeat the directions, you can find them on the link, but I will share some HQ photos with you.  By HQ I mean high quality, and by high quality I mean crappy.  Our kitchen is not well lit and we at the Anderson house do not have the food photography thing down yet.  But we can make some mean tortillas.

My best advice if you decide to make these is roll out the dough very thin...if it's too thick it's more like a fry-bread.  The website tells me that these cost $0.25 to make ten of these--much thriftier than my old package for $3.00.

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  1. Sounds delish and great tip on making the dough as thin as possible.