Friday, June 8, 2012

On the Cheap

I quit my job.  Good start to the post, eh?  I'm nervously excited to say that I am taking a temporary break from teaching to be a mom.  I have been wanting to do this since my first baby was born, and have finally made the leap.

There are many new adventures to come, I'm sure, one of them being our ability to stay afloat financially. Many people say to me "That's awesome that you guys can make it work with one income."  Key words: make it work (said Tim Gunn style).  It would be awesome to not have to worry about money and stay home with no concerns, but what challenge would that be?

While I'm beginning my new adventure as a SAHM  (I totally already know the savvy of a mom am I?) I'll be sharing my penny pinching ideas in a series called "On the Cheap."  While I am not the pioneer of frugality, I love me a good bargain or money-saving tip.   So I'll provide you with some goodies, sifted through and hand-picked and experimented with by yours truly.

"On the Cheap"  Series:  Coming Soon!

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  1. Congratulations! You and your family will enjoy having you home full time. I look forward to hearing about your cost saving ideas.