Thursday, September 1, 2011

Furniture Revamp

I have an uncontrollable urge to sweep everything off our kitchen island into the garbage. It drives me nuts how much stuff piles up on my limited kitchen workspace. Never mind that most of the junk is mine. Well, I've solved that problem, I think. Enter: five dollar record player stand. The previous owner tells me that's what it is anyway. It's got shelves inside to house plenty of albums and room for the record player on top. What I saw was a great way to conceal all our extra "counter junk," an accessible spot for the camera, and a colorful addition to our living/dining room area.

So here's the process:

1. Purchase the piece and haul it home. Convince your husband it's awesome.
2 . Clean it up and remove handles.

3. Sand with an electric sander, do the details by hand.
4. Prime and paint. Paint another coat. Then another. Adorn with some cute hardware. Store and hide all your junk inside.
Not the best after picture, but you get the drift. We need to get a latch and baby lock to keep the door closed, but I love my new concealed storage.

1 comment:

  1. Very cute, I like it! Junk piles up on my kitchen counters too, despite my best efforts. And yes, it's my junk. It's just the quickest place to stash stuff that's out of childrens' reach...though they now just climb up the front of the cabinets, so...whatever. :)