Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paint Chip Train and a Bus

Surely you've already hopped aboard the ever-popular paint-chip-art train? What? You haven't robbed your local hardware store of all the season's colors in the name of crafting? Get on it. Barb has been planning this project for a while, and we just got around to completing it yesterday. I use the term "we" loosely. I glued and she pretty much did the rest. This little piece of art began as an ugly thrift store find, and is now a pretty paint chip frame to hang in her craft room. Here are the details:

-thrifted canvas, wood painting, or other base of your choice
-stolen paint chips
-spray adhesive
-antiquing medium
-chipboard letters
-spray paint
-E6000 adhesive

Here's the starting point: a delightful fruit basket complete with flowers. Because who doesn't mix a little baby's breath in with their fresh produce?
Adhere the paint chips to your surface. We used an antiquing from Hobby Lobby after this, but didn't photograph it.
Arrange your chip board letters on the back piece. We spray painted ours white so they would really pop out when hanging on the wall. Use E6000 or another adhesive to get your letters to stay on .
If you're checking out that backwards "t", it was intentional. Geez, think outside the box, wouldya?

In other news, my two-year old is obsessed with buses. Like, they seem to consume his every thought, won't go to bed without one kind of deal. Guess it's healthier than my obsession with chocolate chip cookies. I let him watch youtube videos of the "Wheels on the Bus" videos on half my screen while I'm on the computer. This one is my favorite.

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