Monday, June 6, 2011

Tech Tip: This involves reading

Hey friends! Notice my helter-skelter blogging style these days? We are a little off our routine on these warm summer days. I thought I'd have all kinds of time and energy to craft and blog with my summer vacay in full swing, but it turns out there are distractions around every corner. Number one culprit: an energetic 15 month old that I can't take my eyes off; both because he is so freakin cute and because if I do, there is potential he may cause a small bit of damage.
I won't get into the other reasons why, I'll just say that for the rest of the summer, I'll be cranking out some cool stuff, probably at a inconsistent rate, and I will do my best to keep you interested :).

We took a trip to the zoo this weekend and I can't wait to look through our pictures. I think they're all of animals though. What parent forgets to photograph their child on his first official vacation???

And now here is your tech tip: is a website where you can sign up and swap books. I just joined so am no expert, but will give you the gist.
  • You become a member for free. Once you sign up, you can list 10 books and receive 2 credits. (You don't have to list 10, this is just to get you started with credits.)
  • When someone requests one of your books, you mail it to them at your expense. Once they confirm that the book has been delivered, you receive additional credits.
  • With your earned credits, you can request other people's books, and they will mail them to you at their expense.
  • You can also purchase texts or use a combination of money and credits.
I hope this is not crazy confusing. It's kinda like Amazon, except without actually paying for the book. It's a great way to get rid of the extra books you've already read and try some different ones.

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