Monday, June 13, 2011

ABCs Rock

My kid is obsessed with rocks. He loves to pick them up, throw them, smash them together, drop get the idea. So when I found alphabet rocks at this etsy shop I knew I had to make them. Hers are cute too, so if you'd rather not DIY, check out the shop. Here are the simple steps I followed to create alphabet rock magnets:

1. Find or buy "river rocks" or other fun stones.
2. Using acrylic paint, vary colors and paint one side of each stone. Once dry, outline with a permanent marker.
3. Coat with a spray on lacquer to seal paint and keep from chipping.
4. Adhere small round magnets to the back of each rock using a strong adhesive, such as E6000.

I made a couple extra letters so we could spell out the names of people we love. They could be used for lots of letter/word/color activities or just kept on the fridge for grown-ups to use. We aren't quite over the "put everything in your mouth" stage so we will play rock magnets supervised for now.

All my best,


  1. Great idea!! My son is currently obsessed with rocks to and will love this!
    Also....I got a pretty awesome package in the mail a few days ago...I love my giveaway prize so much!! My daughter thinks they are her's now, I told her I would be nice and share :) Thanks again!!

  2. I love this idea. What a great thing for boys who love rocks!

    PS I love your blog posts...I look forward to them!!
    You and Barb rock! hehe...Rock!

  3. These are adorable- would love to do this with/for my little guy that I've been trying to help learn letters! Yours really turned our great (even better IMO ;) Hope you have a great weekend- thanks for sharing!