Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A royal baby was born?

I love babies.  Especially my own.  I love babies that distract me from dinner, or church, or ones that smile at me from their cart in the grocery store.  But... enough about the royal baby already.  I feel like we have some other worldly issues that are a smidge more important than the details of a foreign baby's birth.  Like, maybe we can educate people on environmental issues, or further understanding for other cultures, etc.

I hardly watch tv, don't really read much news, and am a moderate social media contributor/onlooker, and yet I know the gender and birthdate of this little guy.  I cannot imagine how annoyed or excited the rest of you well-informed citizens are.  It seems like the constant newsfeed is a little much. Congrats royal family, now let's move on.  Shall we?

If you are a Prince William enthusiast, then I suppose you're enjoying all this joyous news.  I can't help but wonder, though, if we weren't so wrapped up in reading about births of celebrity babies, what exciting things could we discover?

Here's a baby I really like.  That's a stretch...he's more of a toddler.    

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