Thursday, October 15, 2015

Family Photos-- The Struggle is Real

I love taking photographs.  I love to plan them, scout locations for them, edit them, you name it.  I also love having photos of my family.  Most of them are lacking a mother figure, but you get what you get when mama is a control freak.  

So here we are at the intersection of "I love taking pictures" and "I want to be in the pictures".  Insert helpful and talented family members fully capable of capturing family memories.  The scene is set--we are smack dab in the middle of a beautiful state park, everyone is wearing clean(ish) clothes and the light is just perfect.  An obscene amount of clicks takes place and I am sure there is a Christmas card photo somewhere on that sd card.  

Nope.  Just lots of awesome baby wrangling and awkward gazes, complete with pretend parent smiles.  And now, for your viewing pleasure:

 This last one is a gem.  If this is the face I make when I lift things I'm going to go ahead and avoid any public body building.

I can't decide which one will make it on the wall.  Maybe I'll do a collage.  

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